Sunday, September 06, 2009

KIRIS's first toohbrush..

This might be 'ntah apa-apa' entry, but as the first intention this blog being create is for noted KIRIS's childhood stories and memories, so I decided to post this too!!

Kaseh's first toothbrush..started used it when Kaseh was 8 month..

Bought this at Barna Hus Alna few weeks ago.. found the 'Teach Me' toothbrush for Kaseh.. with this one, both Kaseh and ibu @ ayah can hold it together while brushing her teeth..Kaseh also can learn to hold the toothbrush herself with this one.

Note: My dear Kaseh, you maybe has your own toothbrush by the time you read this blog @ post, but this is the very first2 toothbrush in your whole live sayang..

P/S: I Love you..


MrMrsFaiz said...

Alahai cutenya toothbrush dia. :)

KIRIS said...

hehehe..cute sebab nak muat2 untuk mulut yang cute juge..ehehe..

blogresipi said...

Nanti bile kaseh besar dan bace entri nie mesti dia terharu macam saye :)