Thursday, August 13, 2009

She turns 10 months today..

Again..time does really flies..she's turning to 10months today.. by the time i write this's already 14th of August in Malaysia but here is still 13th.. Whatever it is.. happy 10mnths birthday princess.. ibu and ayah love you so much!!

By the way...I am currently chatting with one of my best buddy in KL.. you know what Kaseh? She said she gonna to start save RM1 from today so that she can buy you a big present next year!! Since we might go back to Malaysia for hari raya 2010.. to remember this yeah!!ekekke.. Actually, Ibu and ayah plan to held a pre birthday party for you since your birthday is only a month after the Hari, you might missed your 1st year birtday celebration since we are here..only got ibu and ayah je la.. :p.. Hope it can be happened..

Last but not least.. a short note n wish for acik aju@zura.. happy becoming birthday... it's only 5 days more to go though.. May all your wishes comes true and live happily..both me and Kaseh miss you..

p/s: I Love you..


acik jujue said...

happy 10th month kaseh..semuga lebih aktif :) pasni leh lari2 lak kat dlm n luar umah..

thanks awak for the early wishes ^__^

rindu kat kaseh & ibu kaseh..