Friday, January 29, 2010

KIRIS @ 15 and half month..

Semalam ada regular check up for Kaseh.. Alhamdulillah, everything went well. It's just that she didn't gained so much weight this time.. only gained around 500gram from the previous check up which was 3 months ago. But nothing to be worry coz it's normal for a baby in her age.. once they started walk..definitely they became more active and of course will consume more energy.. but after all..everything's good for her now.. update as for the 15 and half month is

Height = 83.5cm

Weight = 10.790kg

Head diameter n circumference = 46cm

my manja, kasih, sayang and cinta!!

P/S: I Love us!!


ciK LyndaWawa igUana said...

hai kaseh..makin kiut laa..hehehe

acik juju said...

alalala..kaseh..comey nye..
ibu kaseh pon pandai amik kaseh wat gini ^__^
ibu kaseh..rase2 awak leh la buat bisnes amik gmbr anak2 kecil..
terus usaha ekk ^__^

KIRIS.. said...

cik wawa.. tq.. ;)

acik juju,
itu main snap2 je awak.. candid2 jerk.. hahah..wat biznes?? mlsla nk edit2 ni..

nenek,pak su said...

nenek kate amek la gamba kaseh pki tudung lagi...COMELLLL....nnti leyh jual tudung kaseh lak..=.=..nenek duk timang je klu nmpk gmbr kaseh yg tuh..ahahah..sbb dah jadik desktop background.