Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Kupang + nenas masak lemak cili api & Daging goreng kunyit..

Yesszzaaaa... I am not really a big fan or even a fan of mussels ... but KIRIS's daddy did asked to have 'sambal kupang' three weeks ago.. I tried to eat a bit but still can't really go in my throat lerrr... but this time, i tried to cook mussels + pineapple with coconut milk n chili, or the best name in Malay is ' kupang+nenas masak lemak cili api'.. tell you what??? I really fall in love with this dishes!!! It taste really good for my throat!! hahaha... I will definitely cook this again next time!!

uish....sedap sehingga menjilat ke titisan kuah terakhir tu...eheheh..

side dishes... daging goreng kunyit la..

Note: To my dear Kaseh, promise will cook this menu for you one day yer... :)

P/S: I Love us!!


nyyzza said...

shedapnye....mane nk cari masak lemak kt oslo tu weh..???,,,heheheh

KIRIS's mom.. said...

cari kat nedre skøyenvei 20 la... ahahha...

MiJa said...

daging goreng kunyit itu pun nmpk sodap..my all time fav! ^^