Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ice skating time!!

Winter lepas, tak dapat nak enjoy sangat.. coz Kaseh kecik cenonet this time around.. ayah belasah je segala mak nenek winter sport.. baru baru ni try ice skating.. and kelmarin ayah pergi joint kawan ofis main ski. Cakap pasal ice skating..well, i will say..not bad at all coz daddy only take 2/3 days to master, errkkk..not really master but at least he can skated around the ice rink during a day!! coz all this while, we're only had a practise during a night.. hahaha.. but actually, we don't have enough time to practice in weekdays.. so, that's make us decide to play during a night.. Kaseh?? we'll make sure that she already fall asleep before both of us enjoy our self.. even though it was really hurting when we fell, but still wanna give a try!! after all, falling is a learning process too!! So..caiyok, caiyok!!

Note: daddy plan to buy skating shoes for Kaseh for the next winter!! yayyy!!!

P/S: I Love us!!