Monday, November 02, 2009

Short post..

Hahah..this is just a short and simple entry..special post dedicated to my dear friend who really insisted me to post some photo of my D90..


from the right



back...( lak gambar si kecik ni..eheh..)

My D90 with 18-105mm VR lens & the speedlight (looking forward to own a 50mm f/1.4 lens)

Noted: A very2 special and precious birthday present from my dear sweetheart for my 27th birthday this year.. thank you so much sayang..

æ: babe..hope you enjoyed this pics yeah!! but gambar2 dlm blog ni mostly dr hp cabuk aku or compact camera..time rajin je aku angkut mesin besar ni..eheh

P/S: I Love you..


nyyzza said...

toce toce...aku suke...
best la mi...aku nk ade satu gak mesin besar neh..heheheh

KIRIS said...

ehehe.. nanti ko angkat canon 500D yang ko aim tu ek.. pastu leh ajar aku technique2 canggih ko!!eheh..